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Our Students First Month in the UK

Added Wednesday 11th May 2016 by Helen McAree

4月からの新留学生23名が、無事イギリスに到着いたしました。最初の1ヶ月の様子をお知らせします。 Our 23 new students arrived in the UK one month ago. In the past few weeks they have already experienced many aspects of life here, as well as getting to grips with English classes. As they arrived in the UK, we spent our first few days in beautif…

Launching Our New Website

Added Thursday 28th April 2016 by

 新しいウェブサイトが完成しました。このブログページでは、帝京分校生たちのイギリス留学生活を写真とともに紹介していきます。 A very exciting moment has just arrived! I am delighted to announce that our University’s new website and blog have been launched, and they are ready for you and the world to view. We, Teikyo University of Japan in Durham, h…