Blog: Summer at Language School

Added Tuesday 26th July 2016 by Helen McAree ()


This summer, all of our students will leave Durham for 5 weeks to attend Language School. Earlier this term, we hosted a Language School Fair where we invited a variety of schools visit Teikyo and advertise their summer programmes. Students then decided which school they wanted to attend. The locations of the schools vary. This summer, students will attend schools based in Brighton, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Dublin, Oxford, Plymouth, Northumbria and more. They will study English every day and stay with a local host family for 5 weeks. This gives them the opportunity to experience British culture first hand as they will live and eat with the hosts.

In September, our students will return to Durham for 1 week before returning to Tokyo at the end of our programme. We will then welcome our new cohort of students to Durham for the Autumn term. 

Added Tuesday 26th July 2016