Blog: Whitby

Added Wednesday 12th October 2016 by Steven Wilson ()


A group of Teikyo students have recently visited a popular seaside on the east coast of England – Whitby. Whitby is a unique town, famous for its abbey which has a long and rich history dating back to the 13th century. Climbing to the top of the steps that lead to the abbey also provides an astounding view of the town and coast. The Whitby harbour is an important part of British history, as this is the harbour which Captain Cook sailed from on his world adventures. Captain Cook became the first man to sail around the world in both directions. Another association which the Teikyo students were fascinated by is Bram Stoker’s most famous and celebrated novel – Dracula, which he wrote whilst staying in Whitby.

All of this learning whilst on a walking tour left the students ready for lunch, so it’s just as well Whitby is one of the best places in the North East for fish and chips! Whitby is also known for its unique ice-cream - the ‘lemon top’. Although Whitby is a relatively small town, its history, beauty and individuality make it a marvellous daytrip destination and the students thoroughly enjoyed their visit.



Added Wednesday 12th October 2016