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Added Wednesday 7th September 2016 by Jack Burlison ()

Barbecue.JPG語学学校からダラムに戻ってきた帝京大生たちは、もうすぐ帰国です。昨日、さよならバーベキュー大会が開かれ、頑張った学生やチーム(カレッジ対抗でVan Mildert の優勝)の表彰も行われました。日英共通の「いす取りゲーム(Musical Chairs)」も大変盛り上がりました!

Our students’ time at Language School is now at an end, and it won’t be long before they return to Japan. So yesterday we held a farewell barbecue (BBQ) to say goodbye and to celebrate their time here in England. It was a very enjoyable evening with lots of burgers and sausages, and even some marshmallows to toast on the fire.

Farewell BBQ/Musical Chairs.JPG

After the meal we held an award ceremony for students who worked especially hard and showed great achievement during their time in Durham, and to the winners of this term’s College Points Trophy - Van Mildert College. Then towards the end of the evening we played a fun and competitive game of musical chairs, a game shared by both Japanese and British cultures. Congratulations to the winners!


Farewell BBQ/VM Trophy.JPG


Added Wednesday 7th September 2016