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/images/Jack-blog-items/Japanese Class/Japanese Class 3a.jpg帝京分校生たちによる日本語レッスンは、参加者から大好評のようです。教える方も教えられる方もとても充実した笑顔で教室を後にしました。今後も12月までレッスンは続きます。日本語と日本文化紹介を通し、帝京大学とダラム大学・地元コミュニティーを結ぶ架け橋となっているようです。

At the closing of our first Japanese class, there was a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and optimism within the room, from both the Teikyo students and guests. The group expressed their amazement at the level of interest in Japan and its culture within the local and student communities and are looking ahead to the next sessions with excitement. This programme has brought the Teikyo students in contact with more British people, leading them down another integrative pathway and facilitating their ‘study abroad’ experience. As you can see from the pictures, our students aren’t the only ones who are gaining from this programme. The visitors left with some of the same benefits such as meeting new people and building a bridge with other communities, but they were also able to learn some Japanese language!

We are looking forward to continuing this class throughout the autumn term, which is completely student led and a great chance for the group to develop their leadership, communication and organisation skills.




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Added Wednesday 19th October 2016