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Okinaga Room

 Our 17 new students arrived in the UK at the start of September and have been enjoying their time here, firstly in Cambridge and now in Durham.

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Whilst in Cambridge, the students enjoyed staying at St Edmunds College and exploring the grounds. We also all spent time walking around the historic city and admiring the beautiful sights. It was certainly a wonderful introduction to British life for our new group. 

After Cambridge, we travelled north to bring our students to Durham. Our induction programme runs for 2 weeks and during this time, students take placement tests for English class as well as sorting out more practical arrangements, for example, UK bank accounts and buying a mobile phone.

In addition to this, we start our sports and social activities programme which allows our students to practice English on a more practical level.

This current intake of Japanese undergraduates are especially keen to speak English and have a very positive demeanour and attitude.  

We wish them lots of luck for the coming term in Durham and their 6 month ‘journey’ in the UK.


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Added Tuesday 20th September 2016