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Guest Lecture – Sir Arnold and Lady Wolfendale - 'Mass Extinctions-the Story of the Dinosaurs'

Added Thursday 14th July 2016 by Helen McAree

帝京大学ダラム分校では、毎週ゲストを招いて専門的な分野の授業を全学生が受けています。このゲスト・レクチャーで、先週Sir Arnold Wolfendale FRS氏と奥様であるLady Wolfendale女史をお招きし特別講義(恐竜の絶滅について)を受けることができました。Sir Arnold氏は元14代王室天文官である天文物理学者、奥様は人類学者です。 During the course of our academic term, all of our students receive a weekly ‘Guest Lecture’. The subjec…

INSPIRE Cycle Challenge

Added Tuesday 21st June 2016 by Helen McAree

英国ダラムからドイツのリューデンシャイドまで650マイル(約1046km)を48時間で走破!そんなチャリティーイベントが行われています。 Durham, UK to Ludenscheid, Germany – 650 miles in 48 hours Our students are currently taking part in a charity cycle challenge – cycling 650 miles from Durham to Ludenscheid on our exercise bike based at LHCC. Th…

Our Students First Month in the UK

Added Wednesday 11th May 2016 by Helen McAree

4月からの新留学生23名が、無事イギリスに到着いたしました。最初の1ヶ月の様子をお知らせします。 Our 23 new students arrived in the UK one month ago. In the past few weeks they have already experienced many aspects of life here, as well as getting to grips with English classes. As they arrived in the UK, we spent our first few days in beautif…