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Some students get the opportunity to volunteer during their time in Durham. This ‘work experience’ is a wonderful chance for them to experience a working environment and also meet and talk to English speakers. We have numerous partnerships in Durham with local schools, charities, museums and small businesses. This is a truly worthwhile and once in a lifetime chance for our students. Here are some comments from this year’s students.

Food Bank: Kota and Shohei

We volunteered at foodbank in Durham. Job contents are preparing to serve some foods for people and checking best before date of food. Foodbank staff were very kind and friendly so we could feel free to talk to them. We assorted a lot of foods each kind and expiration date. After working, all staff and I took a break time and we talked while we ate snacks. These experiences became very good for us. Furthermore, working at a food bank has enabled us to communicate with many staff in English and our English skills have improved.

私たちはダラムのフードバンクでボランティア体験をしました。 フードバンクはチャリティー団体です。仕事内容は貧しい人々に食べ物を提供する準備と食べ物の賞味期限を確認することです。 フードバンクのスタッフはとても親切でフレンドリーで話しやすかったです。 種類や賞味期限ごとに、たくさんの食品をまとめました。仕事が終わった後、スタッフと休憩時間にお菓子を食べながら話をしました。 これらの経験は私にとって素晴らしいものになりました。 フードバンクで働くことで、多くのスタッフと英語でコミュニケーションをとることができ、英語力も向上しました。


Rusty’s Barbershop: Koki

I went to Rusty's, a barbershop in Durham, for work experience. I was so nervous, but they were very kind and they were very easy to talk to me.

The main jobs I do at Rusty's are sweeping the floor, accounting and customer service. Most of the time I get to talk to customers and staff, so it was a good opportunity to improve my English.

Sometimes, in my spare time, Rusty would play the piano or talk to me so I was never bored at all and I looked forward to going to Rusty's every week.





Added Tuesday 18th July 2023