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Added Wednesday 3rd May 2023 by Conrad Newman ()


In mid-April, our students and staff were lucky enough to be invited to Durham Town Hall to meet our very own Mayor of Durham, Councillor David Robert Freeman.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by members of the Mayor’s official bodyguard, before the Mayor himself entered and welcomed us to the Town Hall. The head of the bodyguards explained to us their historical role in protecting the various mayors of Durham, as well as their modern ceremonial role. We were able to learn a lot about the history of Durham and the position of Mayor over the centuries.


We were then treated to a tour of the building, learning about its uses, dating back over 400 years, and seeing where taxes were kept, prisoners held, and council meetings conducted.

Finally, we were invited to enjoy some refreshments, whilst our students were able to talk to the Mayor. We felt honoured to be invited to such a historic building, and at before leaving we wrote our names in the visitor’s book to commemorate this special day.



Added Wednesday 3rd May 2023