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Added Tuesday 18th January 2022 by Miki Binks ()


Happy New Year to everyone.

This is Saki again. How was your New Year’s Day? I guess many of you had a better day compared to last New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day in the UK, the firework in London is quite famous as a big event. Although there was a spread of COVID especially the Omicron variant, it seems that the event took place this year as the same as last year. However, the New Year’s event is not as big as Christmas in the UK therefore, it’s gone very quickly. When I went for a walk in Durham, there were some doors that were still hanging Christmas decorations. Apparently, there are some more people who still want to be in the atmosphere of Christmas. I’ve been feeling that this winter is not as cold as last year however it was snow last week. Durham city looked more beautiful at that time. In the second week of this month, Durham students came back to the university. I’m glad that the nice and exciting atmosphere came back to Durham city.  

Thank you for reading my blog again. Surprisingly, my blog for next month will be the final blog that I write. I hope that you will enjoy it. See you then!





Added Tuesday 18th January 2022