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Hello everyone.

I’m Saki.

Even though the weather is still like winter in Durham, when I notice that the daylight is getting longer and find buds of spring flowers, I feel the spring is coming now.

Unfortunately, my internship is nearly the end while we are getting closer to the next season. This blog is the final blog for me therefore, I would like to talk about my internship entirely through four and a half months. At first, I really appreciate that people accepted me to work as an internship at Teikyo in spite of the pandemic.


I cannot tell you all my job that I have done here but I did many things such as made several videos for the online programme, renewed the boards in lecture rooms and St. Mary’s College, and updated some documents that students will use when they came. In the end, I visited a local primary school to introduce Japanese culture. Their pure interests in our culture were very impressive.

Through this internship, especially in the Conversation Exchange in the online programme in which I have been participating since 2020, I have been working for students with some thoughts that I want to tell students that even they are not confident with their English level currently, it will definitely improve If students work hard, and for future students who will come to Durham that I want them to have a wonderful experience. I hope students can take back something from my works.

Again, I really appreciate all the Teikyo Durham teachers and staff who let me work and stay here that I could not even imagine when I came to Durham for the first time as a Teikyo Heisei student also let me make my dream true which I wanted to communicate more with British people and work in the UK using English.

Thank you to all of you as well who read my blog until today. I am very glad if you enjoyed reading it and could feel my life in Durham and at Teikyo University. Hopefully, I will see you again soon anywhere. Take care of yourself all.  Bye.







このインターンシップを通して、特に2020年から参加させていただいていたオンラインプログラムでのConversation Exchange では、自身の経験をもとに、どんなに今の英語力に自信がなくても、努力し続ければ必ず上達すること、夢がかなうことを学生に伝えたい、また、ダラムに来た学生には留学生活をより楽しんでもらいたい、という想いで活動してきました。私が残したものから少しでもそのような想いを感じてもらえれば嬉しいです。





Added Wednesday 9th February 2022