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   Hello everyone. This is Saki again. Now I am doing an internship at Teikyo University in Durham after I finished my work for my master course.

   In this blog, I would like to talk about what I am doing for my internship.

   I just started my intern from this month, but I already enjoy working here very much. I have my own office which is quite cosy and I work there during the day at LHCC. In the first week, Saori and I did calligraphy for decorations for future school visits, volunteers, and Teikyo Festivals. Saori and I wrote more than 100 Japanese words in Kanji which are related to food, sports, school, Japanese cultures and so on. It was quite fun to do calligraphy for the first time in more than 10 years. I could remember and feel the Japanese spirit from doing it. Hope it will be nice decorations for future events.


Also, I am working on updating Durham guide for future students and St. Mary’s board towards Durham University students. I will add some of my recommendations of cafes and restaurants in Durham city centre on the Durham guide. Hope it will be helpful for future Teikyo students to explore Durham city centre.  For the St. Mary’s notice board, I will make it more attractive to advertise Teikyo University activities.

   Additionally, I had a meeting with Helen to talk about my internship. We discussed which skills I want to achieve in this internship. I got several ideas for it such as presentation skills, organisation skills and computer literacy, therefore the purpose of this internship for myself became very clear.

   In this month, the weather in Durham was very changeable. The first week was hot like summer in the UK and the middle of this month became Autumn weather so it was chilly. I am looking forward to seeing more yellow leaves around my office. I have heard that the Japanese government informed to extend the emergency announcement for COVID-19 until the end of September. Hope all of you are keeping safe.





ほかにも、次に来る帝京生用のダラムガイドブックや、ダラム大学生に向けたSt. Mary’s College の掲示板のアップデートのお手伝いもしています。ダラムガイドブックには、私のおすすめのカフェやレストラン等の情報を載せ、次に来る帝京生がダラム市内を探索する際の手助けになればと考えています。また、St. Mary’sの掲示板にはより学生の目につきやすいデザインにし、帝京ダラム大学で行われるアクティビティの良い宣伝になるようにしたいと考えています。



Added Wednesday 15th September 2021