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Hello everyone. I’m Saki.

In Durham, the quietness came back because students went home to spend their Christmas holiday with their families. After last month Lumiere, the Christmas mood is in Durham. There are several Christmas trees in the city centre and Christmas decorations in each store. During December, there are Christmas markets in each city around the UK. Durham is no exception to this, the Christmas market was held between the 3rd and 5th of this month in the Market Hall, on the Palace Green and in Durham Cathedral. In the Market Hall, when I visited there, there was a student orchestra, and they were playing Christmas music that let more people in the Christmas mood. The market in the cathedral was a food market therefore there were many attractive stores such as a pie store that sold limited Christmas flavour pies and Durham honey which was made in Durham. In the Christmas market, there is at least one store in each market that sell mulled wine that is hot and has spice to keep you warm. Walking around the market while drinking the wine is the best way to enjoy Christmas markets. It was held for only three days in Durham but some big cities, for example, Newcastle and York hold the market for approximately one month. I would like to have a cup of mulled wine and visit some more Christmas markets while paying attention to the virus.

We will have a Christmas holiday from this weekend. Thank you for reading my blog. My next post would be next year. I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.






Added Thursday 16th December 2021