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In June, eleven Teikyo students went on the European Fieldtrip to Italy, where they experienced authentic Italian food, traditional art galleries and beautiful Italian architecture! On our first day in Florence, we saw the famous sights on foot, including the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio and Plazzo Vecchio. In the evening, we visited the Uffizi Art Gallery! The following day, the group made their way to Venice on a day trip, where students experienced gondola rides, bought traditional masks and other souvenirs. On the final day of the fieldtrip, the students went to the Academia Art Gallery, where they saw Michelangelo’s astonishing Statue of David sculpture.

On the long journey back to Durham, the Teikyo students reflected on their most cherished memories of Italy and expressed their desire to return to Italy in the future!

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Added Wednesday 4th July 2018