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In the colleges of Durham University, the Easter term begins relatively quietly – the Durham students are busy with their exams! However, as soon as the last exam finishes the colleges of St Mary’s, Collingwood, Grey and Van Mildert erupt into celebration. During this post-exam period the Teikyo students have the chance to go to many college events, including two of the year’s biggest events: College Days and Summer Balls.

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A College Day is a large open-air celebration in the style of a music festival. These Days always feature fantastic singers, bands and performers. Sometimes this can even include celebrities, such as Alexandra Burke, who performed at St Mary’s Day!

The Summer Balls have a rather more refined atmosphere, the students dress up in their finest formal clothes to take part in an excellent 3-course dinner, followed by diverse range of music, rides and games. The Teikyo students have really made the most of these college events, and have enjoyed both experiencing this wonderful aspect of British university culture, and using the opportunities to talk to people and make new friends in the colleges.

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Added Tuesday 3rd July 2018