Blog: May 2024 Update

Added Tuesday 11th June 2024 by Helen McAree ()


May was busy month and started with a pottery painting class. Students joined Lynne from Rosebud Ceramics to paint cute mugs and characters.

We always enjoy this class and Lynne is a regular visitor at Teikyo University.

Purple Radio was another highlight this month. We re-started our weekly show ‘Teikyo Time’ which runs in term time every Thursday 7-8pm. The show gives our students the chance to speak in English and talk about Japan or the experiences they are currently having in the UK. We also try to play some Japanese music which is always popular with listeners.  


DJ Riki and DJ Yui stated the new series of shows followed by DJ Kyoka and DJ Rui. Sadly due to a fault at Purple Radio this term we could not continue the shows but the 4 students who got the experience loved it. 

Our main event this month was the fieldtrip. Everyone went to London then some members went to Paris.

The London days were full and we went to The British Museum together and looked for the Rosetta Stone. Everyone also got the opportunity to attend some world class London theatre and we watched The Lion King which was outstanding. The puppets and acting were magical.

The students who stayed in London only went on further visits including to the V&A Museum where we looked at art and sculptures.

The Paris group went to Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa amongst other world treasures.

Some students enjoyed a daytrip to Disneyland Paris.

All students in London and Paris enjoyed a lot of shopping and the trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Added Tuesday 11th June 2024