Blog: Field Trips - Autumn 2023

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Exploring England: A Tale of Two Field Trips

As the Autumn semester kicks off at Teikyo University in Durham, our students are already immersing themselves in the best of what the Northeast has to offer. They embarked on captivating field trips to two historic English locations, York and Whitby. These trips provided an excellent opportunity to explore the cultural and historical wonders of England. Here's a glimpse into their adventures:


York: A Step Back in Time

Our first group of students joined by Helen, journeyed to the charming city of York. Steeped in history and character, York is a place where the past and present seamlessly coexist. The group arrived in York with anticipation, ready to soak up the unique atmosphere of this picturesque city.

Despite the rain, students were enchanted by the city's historic architecture. The famous Shambles, a narrow, winding street with timber-framed buildings, held an air of wonder and closely resembles the famous Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, adding a touch of magic to their visit.

York also offers an amazing shopping experience which was very popular among the students. They had the opportunity to explore quaint boutiques and shops, and one student's favourite find was a quintessential British item—an iconic Barbour jacket.


Whitby: A Seaside Adventure

Accompanied by Michael the second group of students ventured to the picturesque coastal town of Whitby, known for its dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and its connection to Bram Stoker's Dracula. Whitby exudes a different kind of charm, with its seaside beauty and maritime history.

A highlight of the Whitby trip was the ascent of 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. This steep climb offered unparalleled views of the town and the North Sea, providing a perfect opportunity for some photos.

After the descent, students indulged in some local delicacy: traditional fish and chips paired with lemon top ice cream. A perfect combination for a summer’s day at the seaside.


Enriching Experiences for All

As we welcome our students to Teikyo University in Durham, these field trips set the tone for a semester filled with discovery, growth, and memorable experiences. We eagerly anticipate the adventures that lie ahead for our students in the United Kingdom.


Added Wednesday 4th October 2023