Blog: Welcome to Durham – Autumn Students 2022

Added Wednesday 5th October 2022 by Helen McAree ()


We are very happy to welcome 24 new Teikyo students to Durham. Since joining us in early September, our new group have been very busy adjusting to life here. After a busy induction week, we made trips to Newcastle and the Metro Centre as well as a quiz around Durham city.

The campus was initially very quiet but last week was Freshers Week and the city is now buzzing with new Durham University students. This is a great time for our new students to integrate with new friends on campus.

All of our cohort have now attended ‘Freshers Formal’ dinners in colleges. This was a super experience for them to participate in. Everyone dressed up in suits and dresses and ate delicious food.

As well as formal occasions, everyone has also enjoyed the variety of informal social events that took place last week.

We hope everyone enjoys this term at Durham.


Added Wednesday 5th October 2022