Blog: The Durham City Run

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先週7月15日金曜日に「Durham City Run」が開催されました。長年、帝京大学ダラムキャンパスの学生・スタッフが参加してきたイベントで、ダラム市内を5kmまたは10kmのコースで走ります。今年は4名のスタッフと17名の学生が5㎞コースにトライしました。結果を以下に報告します!

For many years now it has been a TUID tradition that students and staff alike participate in the Durham City Run, and this year was no exception. Conrad, Jake, Yusuke, Saori and 17 students entered the 5k race, put on their running shoes and headed to the Durham Racecourse on the evening of Friday 15th July.

In what has been a summer of blistering heat, it was thankfully a cool evening, providing more ideal conditions for a race. Almost 600 people participated in the 5k, and every student successfully crossed the finish line at the Millennium Place by Durham’s Gala Theatre.

Hiroki Shoji was the fastest Teikyo student, achieving a very respectable time of 22 minutes 57 seconds. He placed 68th overall, an incredible accomplishment.

After the race, everyone was given a T-shirt and a medal to commemorate the occasion and many pictures were taken together. The students and staff celebrated their magnificent achievement in Durham Town Square, and everyone walked back to Shoichi Hall with very tired legs.


Added Thursday 21st July 2022