Blog: Sports at Teikyo Durham Campus

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帝京大学ダラムキャンパスでは、様々なスポーツ活動に参加できます。特にダラム大学の充実したスポーツ施設(Maiden Castle Sports Centreなど)を利用することができ、ダラム大学のクラブ活動に参加する学生もいます。学生寮であるEtsuko Hallには無料のジム、各カレッジにも有料で利用できるジムもあります。ダラム大生と友達になる絶好のチャンスであり、ストレス発散にも役立ちますよ!

Students who come to study at Teikyo University of Japan in Durham are all given the opportunity to participate in many different sport activities, both with other Teikyo students and with Durham University sports clubs.

Teikyo students can benefit from Durham University’s state of the art sports facilities; a prime example being the Maiden Castle Sports Centre. This term, students played badminton, basketball, and volleyball in the indoor sports halls, as well as football on the outdoor pitches at Maiden Castle.

The students have also been able to use Collingwood College’s multi-use sports pitch, (the ‘MUGA’) for football, frisbee and other fun activities with fellow Teikyo students. There are also opportunities to go on short trips to local sports facilities in Durham, like the indoor trampolining centre. Additionally, this term there was a weekly Running Club.


Teikyo students are free to join Durham University sports teams and take part in their sessions. This term, students from Collingwood, Ginjiro Tamura and Hiroki Shoji both played football with one of Collingwood’s many teams and Kazuma Tamura of St. Mary’s took part in rugby training at St. Mary’s.

If you are more of a gym goer, the Etsuko Hall gym is free to use for any Teikyo student and is very easily accessible, being just opposite Shoichi Hall. But if you are more serious about the gym, each college has their own fitness suite that students can pay to access. The college gyms are far more equipped than the Etsuko Hall gym, with more cardio machines and weights.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in sports activities while studying at TUID as taking part in sports activities while studying abroad can be a fantastic opportunity to develop friendships as well as provide stress relief.


Added Friday 22nd July 2022