Blog: Purple Radio ‘Teikyo Time’

Added Tuesday 28th June 2022 by Helen McAree ()

今学期、ダラム大学のラジオ放送局Purple Radioにて、帝京大生によるラジオ番組「Teikyo Time」が復活しました!毎週、2人または3人組の帝京生たちが日本とイギリスの文化の違いなどを話したり、好きな音楽を紹介したり、この貴重な体験を楽しんでいました。今期の放送は終わりましたが、また10月から放送予定です。お楽しみに!

This term has seen the revival of our weekly show ‘Teikyo Time’. This takes place on Purple Radio – Durham University student radio station which is avaliable to listen online and broadcasts from a studio at Maiden Castle.


Purple Radio

Each week, a pair or trio of students have prepared a show in English about life in the UK and impressions of Durham. They talk about cultural differences and highlight some aspects of Japanese culture. The show is also filled with music – our students favourite selection each week has included some traditional Japanese music as well as J Pop and K Pop and familiar western tunes too.  


Although the students are usually super nervous before they start, by the end of the show they are really enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. We want to thank Purple Radio for allowing us to continue this show. Our current ‘season’ just finished but we will be back on air in October when our next cohort arrive. 




Added Tuesday 28th June 2022