Blog: Farewell Lunch for Spring Term Students 2022

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Unbelievably, it is time for our current intake to return to Japan. After 5 weeks at summer Language School, our students are back for a few days and will depart for Tokyo this weekend. We had a special farewell lunch for them to mark their achievements and time in Durham.


The lunch at Finbarr’s in Durham city was sensational – the food and setting made it a special day and everyone was in good spirits.


During this event, we gave out numerous prizes to the students. Firstly, everyone received a certificate and handshake from our Principal Professor Kosuge.


After a heart-warming and encouraging speech from our Bursar, Andy Davies MBE, further prizes were announced. This terms recipient of the Vice Chancellors Durham University Award for Academic Performance was Miss Mami Sakae, Van Mildert College. She had demonstrated a consistent positive attitude and an excellent linguistic improvement.

Next, an award for Integration on campus was deservedly given to Mr Ginjiro Tamura from Collingwood College. He has been an absolute star in Durham and made multiple friends in Collingwood and actively participated in campus life – he has been a super ambassador for TUID.

The Development award was given to Miss Kasumi Yamada from Collingwood College. She was given this to reward her determination to improve and her consistent positive attitude.

5 students were also congratulated for 100% attendance this term - Miss Kasumi Yamada (Collingwood College), Mr Ginjiro Tamura (Collingwood College), Miss Kotone Yamaguchi (Van Mildert), Miss Yuki Nakamura (St Mary’s) and Miss Azusa Shimokawa (Collingwood College).

Finally, the college points winner for the term was announced and with 1025 points, Collingwood College were victorious. All of Collingwood accepted the shield after a term of hard work gaining points in class and for positive behaviour and actions.

Professor Kosuge ended the event with a heartfelt speech in which he told students to remember the time spent in Durham fondly and wishing them luck and success for the future. Thank you to all of our wonderful students this term – we will miss you and wish you well!




Added Friday 2nd September 2022