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Monday evening in St Mary’s College we held a formal dinner to say goodbye to our main course student group, who arrived here in Durham in September. The students have had an exciting 5 months in the UK and have certainly done a lot – and this evening was a reflection of that, as we recognised and celebrated the achievements earned during their time here, in the form of an award ceremony:







The Durham University Vice Chancellor’s Academic Award, with prize money of £125, went to Takanori Sato for his excellent effort and academic achievement. The Academic Development Award went to Hikaru, who has greatly improved his English language ability during his time in the UK. Hikaru also picked up the Arts Award for his wonderful haiku, written in the Haiku Workshop by Dr Gillian Boughton last term. Taisei was given the Sports Commitment Award for his efforts in boxing, and Kohei gained the Sports Achievement Award for his fantastic win rate while representing Team Durham Badminton Club. The three scholarship students – Julian, Jojo and Ken – all received a prize for their hard work and commitment over the course of their almost year-long stay in the UK. Finally, the Teikyo College Points Trophy this year went to Grey College, despite close competition from the other colleges!

On behalf of the Teikyo University students and staff, I’d like to extend our thanks to Professor Maggi Dawn, principal of St Mary’s College, for allowing us the use of St Mary’s College for our farewell dinner, for her help in presenting the awards, and her lovely goodbye speech to the students. Thanks also to Tom for his wonderful performance on the piano, and to Makiko and Miki for the beautiful ikebana (flower arrangements) on each table. And finally, many thanks to Paul and the St Mary’s catering team for the excellent Japanese-themed three course meal! Although the food that evening was of course a perfect temperature, I feel Hikaru’s aforementioned haiku sums up the nature of handmade meals perfectly:





Which translates as:

“Handmade food is still warm

when it gets cold,

I don’t know why.”

Added Tuesday 4th February 2020