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夏の恒例行事となった「第5回 帝京音楽の夕べ」 が先週開催されました。ダラム大学音楽科の学生によるバイオリン演奏に始まり、帝京大学からはサックスやピアノの演奏、 今関校長のギター演奏、「朧月夜」の独唱、そして最後は全員で合唱が披露されました。観客も合唱に加わり、大いに盛り上がる一夜となりました。

The Fifth Annual Teikyo Music Evening was once again lucky enough to be held on a warm summer evening in Durham.

  The Teikyo University students and staff welcomed friends from Durham University and the local community to the Lafcadio Hearn Cultural Centre for an evening of musical entertainment compered by  Miss Nagisa Kihara and  Mr Takehiro Ozawa.

 The evening opened with violinist Miss Pamina Husseini, a third year music student from St Mary’s College, President of Music Durham and good friend of Teikyo playing Amy Beach’s “Romance.”

 Teikyo University student Mr Kenta Yokoyama then entertained us with “Stand by Me “by Ben E. King on tenor saxophone which he had sent from Japan especially for the music evening.

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Professor Imaseki concluded the first half playing “Allemande” (from Lute Suite no 1) by J.S.Bach and   “Home” by Andrew York on Classical Guitar.

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 After enjoying the buffet and a chance to vote in the Teikyo photography competition, the concert restarted with  Teikyo student  Mr Taisei Hanaki, who played “Children at Play” by Hisatada Otaka followed by a suite of three short songs:- “Corridors of Time” by Yasunori Mitsuda, “ Kara no Shoujo” by Yakata Rokuura finishing with “Distant Everyday Memories” by Tenmon.

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 Fellow Teikyo student Miss Hirono Fujita then took to the stage in a traditional Kimono to perform a traditional children’s song “Oboro Zukiyo” sung A Capella style, then accompanied by Professor Imaseki on guitar with the audience encouraged to sing along!

The Teikyo students concluded the evening singing “Road” by Exile in Japanese followed by an uplifting rendition of “Let it Be” by The Beatles with audience participation.

 The guests left Teikyo humming along to their favourite song-a sign of another successful and fulfilling Music Evening.

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Added Friday 14th June 2019