Blog: Sports - Team Durham

Added Tuesday 19th November 2019 by Christopher Campbell ()


This year saw 8 of our students participate in Durham University sport:

Kohei Takahashi (Grey College) in Badminton

Rui Ogihara (St. Mary’s College) in Tennis

Kensho Fujita (St. Mary’s College) in Golf

Taisei Takahashi (Collingwood College) in Boxing

Shogo Matsumura (Collingwood College) in Motorsport

Shuntaro Iwamoto (Van Mildert College) in American Football

Daisuke Uno (St. Mary’s College) in Rugby

Jun Matsuda (Grey College) in Futsal

The sports students this year are off to a great start and are on an overall winning record as we near the end of the first Durham term. Their effort is definitely commended as, not only have the students been competing in matches (home and away), they have been attending training sessions and working out – all while attending classes and studying for their exams at the end of term.

A stellar effort from all of our sports students who have represented Durham in their chosen sport. They have all been wonderful ambassadors for Teikyo University in Durham and we are proud of their performance and involvement at Durham!

Added Tuesday 19th November 2019