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Over the course of their first weeks in the UK, the Teikyo students have had many opportunities to get involved in a variety of different sports and activities.

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On numerous occasions we have played tennis on the Teikyo-Van Mildert tennis court, badminton at Maiden Castle (the Durham University sports centre), and football on the new Collingwood pitch. We have also had the chance to go rock climbing and trampolining, both very enjoyable experiences for our students!

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The students have had their gym inductions, so they are able to use our Etsuko Hall gym any time. They are also very much looking forward to a chance to go horse riding in the UK later this month! More importantly, now that the Durham University Easter term has begun, the students now have chances to join any of a huge selection of college and university teams and societies. We look forward to seeing what they decide to do next!

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Added Saturday 11th May 2019