Blog: Shakespeare Evening

Added Wednesday 4th December 2019 by Jill Johnson ()

地元の演劇グループDurham Shakespeare Companyによる「The Merry Wives of Windsor」がダラムキャンパスで上演され、学生・スタッフともに大いに観劇を楽しみました。巨匠シェイクスピアの喜劇を間近に観ることができ、はじめから最後まで笑いに包まれたひと時でした。

 The students and staff of Teikyo University of Japan in Durham enjoyed a wonderful evening of entertainment from the Durham Shakespeare Company. We were very lucky to enjoy the “The Merry Wives of Windsor ” performed especially for us. As one of Shakespeare’s comedies the production did not fail to disappoint, with a tale of love, misguided matches and trickery.

The performance engaged all of the students from the minute it started. They found the costumes fascinating and seemed to understand the comedy in the play. Being so close to the action meant the actors could interact with the audience which enhanced the story telling and brought a lot of laughter to the evening!

Added Wednesday 4th December 2019