Blog: Durham Induction - Spring 2019

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 22 Teikyo students arrived at Heathrow airport on Wednesday 3rd April and travelled to Wadham College, Oxford for a short induction programme, which was very enjoyable. The staff and students then travelled to Durham on the 6th April. After settling into their college accommodation the students enjoyed their first meal in Collingwood College. After time to settle in and rest they then enjoyed a tour of Durham city and a visit to the magnificent Durham cathedral as well as free time for shopping and enjoying their first visit to their hometown for the next 5 months!

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9.00am Monday morning saw the students arrive at LHCC for their Durham Induction programme. Once the essential administration was completed the students enjoyed a full programme of activities and sports including tennis and badminton, movie and craft nights and a day trip to Newcastle.

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Once the Induction programme was completed the students experienced their first academic lessons which they are enjoying very much.

The sport and activity programme continued with indoor rock climbing and trampolining proving very popular. Day trips to Beamish museum, Whitby and Holy Island have also been enjoyed very much with the students particularly enjoying the opportunity to experience authentic British fish and chips by the sea.

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 The first month has passed very quickly as the students move forward with their studies alongside integrating with the Durham University students who have now returned to Durham  for their summer term.

Added Thursday 2nd May 2019