Blog: Whitby

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On Saturday the Teikyo students spent the afternoon in the picturesque seaside town of Whitby. A tour of the town took us through the historic streets, followed by a climb of the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, an ancient ruined monastery (from 657 AD). Some students went inside to take photographs, while others went in search for somewhere nice to have lunch. They didn’t have to look far though, as Whitby is famous for its top-quality fish & chip restaurants!


Whitby was the one of the main settings in Bram Stoker’s famous story Dracula, and it is perhaps for this reason that the town’s residents and visitors have often been intrigued by the supernatural. As it happens, we were lucky enough to be in Whitby at the same time as its biennial Goth Weekend, and we were able to see (and take photos of) many people dressed in intricate gothic clothing, or as famous characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Predator or Dracula himself! 


Added Thursday 3rd May 2018