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On Saturday 20th October we invited people from Durham and beyond to take part in Teikyo Festival 2018! The Teikyo University students were working hard in the preceding week to decorate the building and make sure everything was ready, and on the big day guests were able to watch and take part in many Japanese themed activities, for example they could:

Teikyo Festival/Festival1.JPGTry authentically-prepared green tea, or even take part in a traditional green tea ceremony.

Learn to paint their name in kanji on the calligraphy table.

Listen to music performed live by Professor Imaseki and the newest Teikyo staff member, Nicholas Johnston.

Watch impressive demonstrations of the martial arts Kobudo, Aikido and Iaido.

Create beautiful origami with the assistance of the Teikyo students.

Eat Yakisoba noodles – traditional Japanese festival food!

Do Japanese-themed arts and crafts with staff from the Oriental Museum

Watch traditional Japanese dances performed by Teikyo University staff member Yuki Kato, and by the Teikyo students themselves.

… Along with many other fun activities!

Many thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the festival - this year we had many hundreds of guests in attendance and raised over £900 for local charities. We'd especially like to thank everyone who performed and helped with activities at the festival, including the local martial arts club members, Oriental Museum staff, and the Durham University student volunteers who all helped to make Teikyo Festival the success it was.

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