Blog: Our Students' First Month in the UK

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The current group of Teikyo students have now been in the UK for only one month, but they've already seen and done a lot!

We met them at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday 4th April to welcome them to the UK, before travelling to Oxford for the beginning of the induction course. There, in the wonderful grounds of Wadham College, the students got their first real experiences of life in the UK. They had meals in Wadham's Great Hall, heard a lecture from the highly-respected fellow Dr Chapman, played football and frisbee, and then took a double-decker bus tour of the historic city of Oxford.


 On Saturday 7th April, the students travelled by coach to their new homes in Durham. There the induction programme continued, preparing the students for their time ahead in England. This included listening to important briefings from the staff, setting up their UK bank accounts, getting their Durham University campus cards, and going on tours of Durham and Newcastle so the students could familiarise themselves with the local area. Classes began shortly afterwards and the students could begin studying in earnest, but we always make time for sports and trips (see separate blog posts), as well as fun evening activities such as a cake decorating session, bowling, and film nights. 

Now that the Durham University term has begun, and the Teikyo students are members of their own Durham University college (St Mary's, Grey, Van Mildert or Collingwood), they now have innumerable chances to talk to people in English! And to help them even further Work Experience placements, Host Families, Cultural Exchange Partners and Language Partners have been arranged for every student. With the weather getting warmer and with many new experiences and opportunities ahead, the students are looking forward to the rest of their time in the UK!


Added Friday 4th May 2018