Blog: Football Match

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8 Teikyo students and one teacher went up against a team of men from the local area for a 7-aside friendly at Maiden Castle. What started out as a toe-to-toe match with equal chance to take home a victory, progressed into a one-sided game where Teikyo were dominated in terms of possession, opportunities and goals. All three goals conceded were as a result of counter attacks which left our goalkeeper without a defence and in one-on-one situations. While Teikyo finished with a loss, the moral of the team was salvaged in the closing minutes of the game and Masaki Asano was able to put the ball past the keeper and bring the game to a close with a 3-1 loss.

Masashi Kanou’s exceptional goalkeeping skills meant our loss was only marginal and is considered to be the man of the match for this week! The team had a wonderful time playing against a British team and are anticipating a rematch! We look forward to playing more friendly matches with teams from the local community and Durham University!

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Added Monday 30th April 2018