Blog: Farewell BBQ and College Points Competition Results

Added Thursday 26th July 2018 by Jill Johnson ()


Thursday 19th July was a glorious sunny day-the most perfect weather for the end of term barbeque here in Durham.

The students were incredibly helpful, assisting with shopping, preparation and cooking the food perfectly. A wide variety of food was prepared to suit all tastes and diets, accompanied by fresh salads and finished off with toasted marshmallows.

 As is traditional the College Shield was awarded to the college which has accumulated the most college points over the term. Van Mildert College won the trophy once again, for the fourth time! The Van Mildert college members:-Ryubi Nagata, Ryuta  Kasama and Mutsuak i Kuno were delighted to receive the trophy, alongside their college tutor Mr Steven Wilson.

All in all it was a great event enjoyed by staff and students alike-let’s hope we have such good weather next year!


Added Thursday 26th July 2018