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Last Wednesday, Teikyo University students and staff attended a celebration of the British Commonwealth in Durham city.

Over 1,400 children from 34 schools across County Durham took part in this one-time-only event, which began with the school groups all assembling at Market Square to prepare for the procession to the cathedral. While we were waiting, Hikaru - dressed as the Durham city lion (the city’s official mascot) - entertained the children and gave out sweets with the help of Teruki.

At exactly 12:30 the parade began. Leading the procession were Hidenari, Ryuta, Hibiki, Tatsumi, Mutsuaki and Ryubi, along with forty-seven other students, each carrying the flag of one of the Commonwealth’s 53 countries.

Once at the cathedral the service began. We listened to a speech from County Durham’s Lord-Lieutenant, and sang songs celebrating the diversity of the people and nations of the Commonwealth.

Though Japan is not itself a Commonwealth country, it was wonderful to be invited to take part in such a unique event and, for many of our students, play such an important role in the proceedings.


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