Blog: College Events

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Freshers’ week in October was the starting point for getting involved with college life, and was an amazing opportunity for the Teikyo University students to make friends in their colleges.

But the colleges haven’t been quiet since then - our students have taken part in many exciting events in Grey, Collingwood and St Mary’s Colleges this term! All students in every college have attended formal dinners, and have also met up with their college parents or been to see plays performed by students from their college.


And now, with the winter holiday fast approaching, the colleges are holding their end of term/Christmas parties and events:

The Grey College students have a Christmas Formal and an Informal Ball coming up next week. The Collingwood students have had the opportunity to go to the Winter Solstice Ball this week and will go to the Christmas Carol Service and CCMS (Collingwood College Music Society) Concert next week.The St Mary’s students have been to the Winter Ball earlier in the week, and are looking forward to the Carol Service next week!

Added Friday 7th December 2018