Blog: Ceramics Workshop

Added Wednesday 14th November 2018 by Jill Johnson ()

今年もRosebud CeramicsのLynnさんをむかえ、陶芸の絵付けに取り組みました。マグカップか動物の置物を選び、筆やスポンジ等で自由に絵付けします。この後、釜で焼くため、完成品が届くのはもう少し先。楽しいダラムでの思い出の品になること間違いなしですね。

TUID was happy to welcome Lynn from Rosebud Ceramics once again to teach the students the art of pottery painting.

/images/Autumn 2018/ceramic1.jpg/images/Autumn 2018/ceramic2.jpg

The students had a choice of mug or ceramic ornament which, after prewashing, they painted using brushes, sponges and freehand techniques to achieve their own piece of unique artwork. After a great afternoon of fun, the ornaments  and mugs were taken away to be fired in a kiln at very high temperature to seal the painted glaze and will subsequently  be returned. The students will then have their very own individual memento of their time in Durham!

/images/Autumn 2018/ceramic3.jpg/images/Autumn 2018/ceramic4.jpg

Added Wednesday 14th November 2018