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Our current cohort of students have all had the opportunity to undertake a work experience placement this term. The placements are wide ranging and include volunteering at :

  • Work Experience/Red Cross.JPGBritish Red Cross
  • Cancer Research
  • Foodbank Durham
  • Tealicious Café
  • Rusty’s Barbershop
  • Team Durham Community Outreach – Sports (Fencing and Football)
  • St Mary’s and Collingwood College Toastie Bar
  • Van Mildert College Shop
  • St Michael's School Esh
  • Oriental Museum Little Dragons Children’s Club

As you can see, we have a diverse and broad range of options. Each student volunteer has completed 7 sessions at the placement. During this time, they have been fully immersed within an English speaking workplace environment. Being in this situation is of course a little daunting at first but after initial nerves, all of our students really enjoy the placements. As ever, we receive very positive feedback from all of the placements, many noting how lovely and positive our students are. It’s fantastic to hear that they endeavour to do their best and are great ambassadors for Teikyo University beyond the classroom.

Work Experience/Rusty's.JPGWork Experience/Cancer Research Charity.JPG

Added Friday 30th June 2017