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We recently held a small Japanese Culture Morning at Wharton Park in Durham city. This was the second occasion we had held such an event and it provided popular with the parks visitors on both occasions.

6 new Teikyo students went with Yuki and Helen to show people origami, calligraphy, chopstick skills, Japanese language and yukata dressing. It was a great chance for the students to speak to visitors in English and explain aspects of Japanese culture.

We had many visitors who all showed great interest in the tasks on offer. Some were families with young children and other older retired people showing that those of all ages have an interest in Japan.

Wharton Park has recently been reopened in Durham city after a massive redevelopment. It is a beautiful spot, especially as autumn starts to show its colours in the city.

We’ll return to Wharton Park in the spring with the next group of students.

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Added Wednesday 27th September 2017