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Football 1.jpg6月8日木曜日、ダラム大学カレッジ対抗のスポーツ大会に帝京大学ダラム分校も出場しました。出場種目のうち、バトミントンは残念ながら1回戦敗退でしたが、男子サッカーは予選を3勝2引き分けで勝ち抜き、決勝トーナメントに進みました。惜しくも強豪St Aidan'sカレッジに敗れましたが接戦でした。バスケットは男女共、決勝トーナメントで準々決勝まで進む活躍ぶりでしたが、惜しくもそこで敗退しました。出場した選手も応援した学生もお疲れさまでした。来年も楽しみですね。

On Thursday 8th June, Teikyo University took part in the College Festival of Sport at Maiden Castle. The event was a full day festival of 15 sports with teams from all 16 Durham University colleges taking part alongside Teikyo. During the day, Teikyo entered teams in the men’s football, mixed badminton and men and women’s basketball.

The first sport of the day was badminton. This was a straight knockout competition and unfortunately our Teikyo team was knocked out in the first round. Next was the Men’s 6-a-side football competition. The poor weather outside throughout the day didn’t put off our players or our supporters. We played five games in the morning, winning three and drawing two against teams from Grey, St John’s, Collingwood and John Snow. These results meant we made it through to the knockout stages where we were narrowly defeated by a strong team from St Aidan’s.

The final sport of the day was basketball taking place throughout the afternoon. Again we had a large crowd of supporters and a strong and competitive team in both the men and women’s basketball competitions. Both the teams managed victories in the group stages helping us to advance to the quarter finals. Here the men’s team was beaten by a much more experienced and taller Collingwood team and the girls in a very close contest were narrowly defeated as well.

Thank you to all the Teikyo students that took part in sports and thank you to the supporters that cheered on our teams throughout the day. Our sports teams were very competitive and our students had great fun representing Teikyo during the university wide event. We look forward to entering Teikyo teams again next year!

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