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水曜日の夜、毎年恒例「第3回帝京大学ダラム分校 音楽の夕べ」が開催されました。今年はピアノ、バイオリン、歌唱、クラシック・バレエ、日本舞踊など、数々の名人芸といえるパフォーマンスが披露されました。(演者リストは本文をご覧ください。)もちろん、今関校長によるギター演奏も欠かせません。今年も大盛況のうちに幕を閉じました。ご来場ありがとうございました。


Teikyo University of Japan Music Evening

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Music1.JPGThe third annual Teikyo University of Japan Music event took place on Wednesday evening.

It was a superb evening; the virtuosic performances, wonderful food and a lucky break in the rain all adding to the wonderful atmosphere!

The performances this year included pianists, a violinist and a vocalist as well as classical guitar, classical ballet and traditional Japanese dance all set to the backdrop of the David Venables art exhibition.

The evening was opened with Professor Imaseki’s welcome after which the performances commenced:


Miss Rena Yamada - Classical Ballet - ‘Esmerelda’ by Cesare Pugni

Miss Pamina Husseini - Violin - ‘Variations Serieuses on the theme of La Folia‘ by Corelli

Miss Yuki Kato - Traditional Japanese Dance - ‘Rokudan No Shirabe’

Professor Masao Imaseki - Guitar - ‘Prelude 1’ by Villa-Lobos and 'Canon in G’ by Johann Pachelbel

Mr Tom Sutton - Piano - ‘Three Gnossiennes’ by Erik Satie

Miss Itsuko Morofuji - Piano - ‘Flower Song’ by Lange and ‘Prelude’ by  Chopin

Mr Young-In Youn - Piano - Works of his own composition

Miss Sarah Harrison - Vocals - ‘Inochi no Namae’ from Spirited Away (Accompanied by Miss Pamina Husseini on piano) and ‘On My Own’ from Les Miserables (Accompanied by Miss Itsuko Morofuji on piano)



A break for a buffet and drinks was held which included the opportunity to enjoy the art and vote in the Teikyo student photograph competition before enjoying the second half of the programme.

With composers including Pachelbel, Chopin, Satie and even original compositions there was definitely something to appeal to everyone and as each and every performer played, sang and danced to the very highest standard the evening was an undoubted success.


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