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There has been a lot of activity here in Durham during March. 18 students from the Medical Faculty have been in Durham studying for two and a half weeks before travelling to Cambridge, Oxford and London. Their programme has been very full and wide–ranging with English lessons, a creative writing workshop, Art workshop, Easter lecture and craft session as well as lectures on ‘The Impact of Zebra Fish on Medicine’ from Professor John Girkin, held in Durham University’s science laboratories and a talk from Doctor Ric Mellor about his experience as the medic on board the ‘RRS Ernest Shackleton’ Antarctic Expedition ship. The programme culminates in a visit to the esteemed James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough to experience the British NHS in action!

Cultural experiences have been wide ranging too, with the students trying out trampolining, rock climbing and boxercise as well as the more well know tennis and basketball, listening to the Durham University  Orchestra Spring Concert and watching ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat’ at Collingwood College.

 Day trips to Newcastle, The Northumberland coast and Lindisfarne as well as Edinburgh complete the very intensive programme in Durham before the students move on to a four night stay at Wadham College Oxford.

 Alongside the medical students 9 economic students arrived on the 11th March for one week of intensive study in Durham before visiting London for four days. As well as English lessons here in Durham they enjoyed a lecture from Professor Chapman on Social Enterprise and a visit to Edinburgh to visit the statue of Adam Smith, renowned as a founding father of Economics!

 The economic students also experienced a tour of Durham City, British films and the use of the new gym facilities in Etsuko Hall alongside the Medical students.

All 27 students and staff will celebrate the end of the Durham course with a farewell Dinner at Finbarr’s restaurant before continuing their UK experience.

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