Blog: St Mary's College Matriculation

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The 6 Teikyo students at St Mary’s College are very lucky to be able to participate in a special Matriculation entrance ceremony in April. The signing ceremony was held at St Mary’s College and involved the students being formally welcomed into the student community by Acting Principal Catherine Paine and other senior college staff. Although nervous at first, all 6 students signed the manuscript in English perfectly. After signing, we all had a lovely formal dinner together in the Kenworthy Hall in college.

This was the students first taste of a formal dinner setting. Everyone wore lovely formal dresses and suits and also gowns so they felt like they were in Harry Potter! During dinner, the conversation flowed well and each student tried really hard to speak in English. They also demonstrated some origami techniques and taught a few simple phrases in Japanese. The evening had a lovey atmosphere and was a super introduction into St Mary’s life for the 6 new undergraduates.


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Added Friday 28th April 2017