Blog: Freshers' Week

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Durham saw a massive influx of new students (Freshers) last Sunday.

All the college and accommodation blocks are full of students all wanting to make friends and enjoy everything that Durham has to offer. It is the ideal time for the Teikyo students to make new friends and enjoy lots of new experiences. On Wednesday the Teikyo students joined in with the Matriculation ceremonies with their colleges in Durham Cathedral, which was an awe inspiring event, led by the Vice Chancellor of Durham University.

The students have also enjoyed their first formal dinners in college and sampled the exciting events on offer to Fresher’s too!

Freshers' fairs are held in the Student Union and in each college where Teikyo students can again join with the Durham students and join many different clubs and societies ranging from football, rugby and Ultimate Frisbee to Orchestra and Brass Band or even the Chocolate Appreciation society.

The week will end with Fancy Dress discos before the Durham courses begin.

What an exciting week to be a Teikyo student in Durham!

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Added Wednesday 11th October 2017