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帝京分校生たちがダラム大学のラジオ局Purple Radioで番組を担当しています。その名も「Teikyo Time」。皆さん、聞いてみてください!

Teikyo University have been invited to present a show on the Durham University radio show – Purple Radio! Our show is called ‘Teikyo Time’, and attracts a range of listeners from Durham University, within the local area and Japan! This is a great opportunity for members of the group to speak about their interests and educate people about Japanese culture! The students are also responsible for selecting a mixture of British and Japanese music, allowing them to personalise their show further.

During the show, the presenters receive messages of support from their friends and family, and sometimes questions about Japanese culture. Those who have been on the show have described the experience as ‘exciting’ and ‘unforgettable’, recognising this as one of their most cherished Durham memories. Besides the obvious benefit of ‘Teikyo Time’ giving our students’ the chance to put their English skills to the test in a unique and lifelike environment, it gives them a chance to standout as individuals, allowing them to project their personalities

To listen to and support our students’, go to and click the ‘listen live’ link. The show runs from 5-6pm on a Sunday, and will be running until the 19th June. 

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Added Wednesday 18th May 2016