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/images/Jack-blog-items/Horse Riding/Horse1.JPG帝京大ダラム分校生たちは、ダラム滞在中に様々なスポーツ活動に参加しています。今日は8名の学生が初挑戦した「乗馬」についてご紹介します。まずは乗馬用ヘルメットをつけ、馬にまたがるところからスタート。各自の身長にあわせた馬が選ばれています。馬を歩かせたり、止まらせたりすることを学んだ後は、角を曲がったり、トロット(速足)させたり、初体験にしては皆、上出来のようでした!

Teikyo University students have enjoyed taking part in a number of different sports activities during their time in Durham so far. They have played football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and have recently been rock-climbing and trampolining. One new sport eight students tried for the first time over the last two Saturdays was horse-riding.

The horse-riding was located at the Hole in the Wall Riding School about 15 miles from Durham city. It’s in the hillside overlooking the market town of Crook in the beautiful Wear Valley. They had six horses available to learn on and they offer riding lessons for all abilities

For the Teikyo students, this was the first time that they had ever been on a horse! First they were equipped with a riding helmet and then they were helped up on to the horses. Each horse was individually selected to suit each student’s height.

Once on the horses, the students were then led to a sizeable barn. Here students learnt how to encourage the horses to go and stop, how to turn corners and were beginning to learn to trot a little faster on the horses. They all did very well considering the cold weather! It was a fantastic experience for the students during the lesson and they would love to come back again.




Added Monday 14th November 2016