Blog: Daijiro - Team Durham Football

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Daijiro Team Durham kit.JPG帝京大生たちは、イギリス滞在中に様々なスポーツを楽しんでいます。特に優れた能力をもつ学生は、ダラム大学の正式なチームの一員として認められ、プレイすることもできます。そんな学生の一人、Daijiroくんはダラム大学のサッカーチームで活躍しています。Daijiroくんに英語でインタービューしてみました。チームメイトに信頼され、勝利に貢献しているDaijiroくん。パブで祝杯をあげるなど、イギリス文化も十分満喫しているようです。

Many Teikyo students play for their college sports teams during their time in England, and particularly skilled players may also have the opportunity to play for Durham University. I interviewed Daijiro about his experience playing for Durham University football team:


Jack: When did you first start playing football?

Daijiro: “When I was four years old, I always enjoyed it as a child. My older brothers played football and I wanted to be like them.”


Jack: Why did you want to play for the Durham University team?

Daijiro: “I want to experience English football and know the difference from Japanese football. And I wanted to play in the top team!”


Jack: Are they a good team?

Daijiro: “I think so! They are free and relaxed in their free time but they are very disciplined and hardworking on the pitch.”


Jack: Is playing for Durham University difficult? Were you nervous?

Daijiro: “It was hard at first to understand the coaches - their English is fast and difficult! Thankfully, I can understand what I need to do now. And when I’m playing I’m not nervous.”


Jack: Do you enjoy it?

Daijiro: “Yeah of course, especially when matches finished, the team are very polite and friendly with other teams. But they work very hard through the game.”


Jack: Do you play football with anyone else here in England?

Daijiro: “Yes, I play for Collingwood. I joined the A team. And I’m very lucky - I also play football with my Work Experience. So sometimes I go to Maiden Castle (sports centre) twice a day!”


Jack: I’ve got a photo of you in your Team Durham kit, do you like the kit?

Daijiro: “Yeah I like the style. Teikyo paid for the kit - very kind. I really appreciated it.”


Jack: Which position do you play?

Daijiro: “I play right wing. Players think I won’t be strong because I’m small. I learned a phrase: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.”


Jack: What was your last match like?

Daijiro: It was a very hard game against Sunderland. The score was 5-3. It was a tense game - I felt I shouldn’t make any mistakes - but I enjoyed the match!”


Jack: Do you do any social activities with Team Durham?

Daijiro: “Yes, if we win a match we go to the pub together and drink together. We drink and sing together. My mates told me I had to sing a song, so I sang a song in Japanese. I joined a Durham University formal too, it was a Christmas meal - so fun! Recently I’ve been in contact with my friends very well. I’d like to stay in contact!”


Added Wednesday 14th December 2016