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/images/Jack-blog-items/Sports Placement/sports-placement-1.jpg帝京大ダラム分校生たちは、様々なバックグラウンドを持つ人々とスポーツを楽しむCommunity Outreach Placements に参加しました。この活動を通し、イギリスらしいスポーツや文化、英語を学ぶだけでなく、分校生たちをあたたかく迎え入れてくれたコミュニティーへの恩返しの機会を得たと考えています。

The community outreach placements at the Durham University sports centre are not only facilitative of English learning for Teikyo students’, but also provide a great opportunity for the university to give back to the community that has welcomed and supported our efforts to integrate within the Durham University environment. We have students’ working with people with a variety of different background, including ex-offenders, a women’s exercise group and people with learning difficulties. We find that the people in these groups are just as appreciative for the involvement of our students’ as the staff and students at Teikyo University.

Students are able to participate in sports that are new to them, such as fencing and rowing, using some of the universities nationally recognised facilities. Some of the current students on these placements have made the following comments; “at first I was nervous and scared to start my placement, but everyone was very nice and welcoming”, and “I have been able to learn a new sport and some English which you wouldn’t usually hear in Japan!”. 


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Added Friday 1st July 2016